Being a Female Entrepreneur in Hong Kong (2018) – Ashley Talks Supercut Episode 4

Being a Female Entrepreneur in Hong Kong (2018)- Ashley Talks Supercut Episode 4

Female entrepreneurship is a topic very close to Ashley’s heart. As a female entrepreneur in Hong Kong for over 7 years, she has successfully built her business from scratch. She has also heard from a lot of women about their limiting beliefs, such as the fear of being judged, being uncomfortable with earning large sums of money, underestimating their unique strengths and concerns about work-family balance. In this episode of AshleyTalks Supercut, Ashley discusses the topic with five female entrepreneurs in Hong Kong and shares her own secret recipe for success. Her husband Marius also offers his perspective about Ashley’s journey. How did Ashley overcome her limiting beliefs? Why did she start personal branding? How does she maintain a balance between career and family?

Watch Episode 4 to get exclusive tips from women in business. What do you think of female entrepreneurship? Comment below!

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